« The music that comes from one’s heart will reach the heart … »

Dear friends! A unique live concert of Estas Tonne will take place on November 28 in Zuiderpershuis.

An incredibly cozy acoustic hall without traditional seats that creates the atmosphere of natural physical freedom will distinguish it from any other tour-concert and make it possible to explore the Internal Flight experience in its full splendor and entirety – altogether and everyone individually.  

"While experimenting with sound during hours-long improvisation sessions, both all alone and in front of the multicultural audience throughout the world, I have been continually extending the amazing experience that was later defined as the internal flight. The vibrations of sound produced by strings reaching deep into the very heart have been carrying me again and again into that endless inner space, where the great mystery of meeting with the Self takes place. It is where the real freedom begins … It is where the flight starts …

This incredible magic of the internal flight that I am exploring during each performance, no matter of the place and format, I wish to share … just here and now …

With all love."



Exclusief Belgisch concert!
Tickets enkel via deze link

Concert without seats.

For more comfort, please bring your personal yoga mat or a pad for sitting.

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