De Nieuwe Garde van Kunst in Huis 2023

Through Kunst in Huis and it’s accessible and high-quality art collection (5000 pieces of a stunning diversity) you can connect with a new generation of artists. Rent out unique works at our art centers in Antwerp, Brussels, Kortrijk, Ghent and Leuven. From drawings to oil paintings and photographs to objects, one can choose between artworks of over 370 artists. Kunst in Huis provides a broad overview of contemporary art in Flanders and Brussels by regularly updating our collection with new artists and artworks.

Each year, Kunst in Huis starts a working relationship with 20-30 emerging artists. Get to know five of them in our annual exhibition called ‘De Nieuwe Garde van Kunst in Huis’ at Zuiderpershuis in Antwerp. Taking part in our 2023 edition are:
Emile Van Helleputte, Günbike Erdemir, Indrè Svirplytè, Tim Theo Deceuninck and Fee Veraghtert.

The artists work in different materials and styles. Their inquisitive and critical minds result in a striking visual language. They address relevant societal issues as they reflect on their own artistic process.


vrije toegang

ingang : Waalsekaai 14
parkeren : Q-Park Kooldok


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