The 2024 programme shows you a range of places where adventure is still waiting for you. Come along and roam the endless expanses of Kyrgyzstan with our adventurers in search of untouched ski runs and get to know the Rocky Mountains from the inside with a group of cave explorers. However, we don't just celebrate records and successes, but above all the people who make them possible in the first place. Because nothing works without a good team: whether you're climbing the 9c limit in the Verdon Gorge, honing your freestyle skills in the snow park or exploring the American continent by mountain bike and paramotor.


MUSTAFA CEYLANIf it were up to his father, Mustafa Ceylan would have definitely become a famous football player. But when he discovered skiing at the age of 15, all those plans changed. Goodbye football pitch, hello snowpark! Mustafa had found his new playground. From then on, he honed his freestyle tricks in every spare moment, unperturbed by the frequent falls. His persistence paid off. Today, Mustafa can't imagine a life without skiing. He remains an enthusiastic freestyler, works at a ski shop, and makes ski films. And who knows what the future holds… 11'

CROSS COUNTRIESKilian Bron takes us on a journey across North America—by mountain bike, of course—from Sedona via Squamish and Grand Junction to the urban jungle of New York City. Kilian steers away from bike parks and rutted-out trails. As always, he seeks out new routes through deserts and forests, and this time, he benefits from the locals showing him a few insider tips. 7'

REEL ROCK : DNAPerhaps just three harmless letters, but they stand for one of the toughest climbing routes in the world. Could ‘DNA’ be the next 9c? That is the difficulty level Sébastien Bouin has rated his new route in the Verdon Gorge in the south of France. The French climber’s first ascension was in April 2022, but because no one has yet managed to repeat the route, his rating has not yet been confirmed. Nonetheless, everyone agrees: ‘DNA’ is futuristic, absurd, and absolutely next-level. See for yourself and experience Seb Bouin's first ascent up close and personal in the Reel Rock film of the same name—DNA. 23'

SUBTERRANEANTwo questions keep driving cave explorers Katie Graham and Franck Tuot into the depths: Is Bisaro Anima really the deepest cave in British Columbia? And is there a connection between Glory ‘Ole and Resonance? To find the answers, the spelunkers assemble two determined teams and embark on an underground expedition lasting several days. Although they are already familiar with large sections of the caves, a new challenge awaits their every turn. But this time, no passage is too tight, too steep, or too muddy. With the possibility of setting two new records, the cavers are prepared to lug a full set of diving equipment to the deepest known point of the Bisaro Anima cave—because not even an underground lake can deter these intrepid explorers. 40'

CHRONOCEPTIONA group of freeriders are looking for an epic adventure in Kyrgyzstan. Fascinated by the mighty peaks of the western Tian Shan mountain range, they take on an arduous journey through the endless expanses of the Kyrgyz Steppe, a vast region of open grassland. They organize the most off-road-iest vehicle they can find for their journey into the mountains. When the Russian Kamaz truck gets stuck in the mud, the team comes to the harsh realization that this is no ordinary expedition. But, there is no turning back. The freeriders intend to pursue their adventure, and the deeper they delve into the mystical world of the Kyrgyz nomads, the more unexpected powers seem to be miraculously released within them. 40'

DESERT WINGS • Together with six paragliders and their paramotors, we discover the terrific desert landscapes of the American Southwest - naturally from the bird's perspective. 3,5'


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