TJ MILLER / canceled

T.J. MILLER is one of the most sought after comedians in the world, certainly the northern part of the western hemisphere. He has been diligently working to make people laugh for over fifteen years, and is driven by the altruistic mission statement that life is fundamentally tragic and the best thing he can do is provide an ephemeral escapism from that tragedy which permeates everyday life by doing comedy. He will work until his death to make you happy. He loves you.
He has been performing his absurdist observational standup act worldwide and has never gone to the bathroom in his pantaloons on stage. You may now him from his roles in Deadpool, Transformers 4 and Silicon Valley, as well as voicing characters in the Emoji Movie, Big Hero 6, How to train your dragon, and many more.


  • za 04 juni  AFGELAST


Helaas, TJ kan er niet bij zijn …
de voorstelling werd geannuleerd!



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