The Areas Tour

Join Freddie Wong, Beth May, Matt Arnold, Will Campos and Anthony Burch on their second tour of Dungeons & Daddies: The Areas Tour featuring all of their original characters AND Taylor Swift (Daddy’s Version) *Not actually Taylor Swift

Dungeons & Daddies is an award-winning role-playing podcast that uses the classic tabletop game Dungeons & Dragons to tell the story of four families from our world forced to fight through a world of fantasy and magic in order to save their loved ones. Season 1 is about four dads on a quest to rescue their lost sons and Season 2 is about their teenage grandkids tasked with a mission to fix the world their grandparents kinda jacked up.

VIP Package available:

  • Signed Poster
  • Pre Show Q&A
  • Laminate

17.30 : VIP Doors Open and Merch Table Open
18.15 : VIP Q&A


  • do 10 oktober | 20.00


€48,50 | tickets

opgelet : geen tickets via ZPH
ingang : Waalsekaai 14
bar : open om 19u
parkeren : Q-Park Kooldok



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