Digital Art Conference Antwerp

DAC-ANT is a digital art conference in Antwerp, Belgium on 1-2-3 May 2020, for artists in the film and games industry. We provide three informative days around topics such as concept design, digital painting, 3D animation, VFX, game development and many more in a relaxed atmosphere. This conference is a continuation of the DAC-FRA ( conference held in Frankfurt the past 2 years and shares many of the same themes. As previous attendees and speakers of DAC-FRA ourselves, we found a unique atmosphere we want to bring to our hometown. As such, this conference is very much focused around breaking down the walls between artists in a stimulating setting, where the sharing of knowledge and enthusiasm for the craft are a central theme.

We provide attendees a healthy mix of both local and international talent showcasing their work and openly discussing how they got to where they are. This all happens in the form of three days of talks and workshops, where the former stand more to showcase interesting techniques or projects, and the latter are smaller, more intimate sessions with the presenters where they can interact with the audience.

You can follow us on social media as well on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more updates!
Twitter: @dacantwerp
Instagram: @dacantwerp


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