The Breath of Sound

"Life is breathing as Music through each of us.
While trusting our Breath, we trust Life to sing that very song, which is the reason why all of us exist".

Estas Tonne

Sound with its different acoustic frequency and vibrational level has a tremendous effect on all living matter, while structurally changing and qualitatively transforming it.  The fact is that absolutely everything in the Universe, even 'Silence', has its own 'Voice'. Its development and expansion represent a true Music of Life. In such a perception the Breath of Life reveals Itself as the Breath of Sound.

This name is chosen for Estas Tonne International Concert Tour-2018 as a reminder to observe the phenomenon of breath while listening. The tour is expected to surprise the audience throughout the world with plenty of events, as well as both its geography and the variety of formats. The Solo-concerts will alternate with performances in Trio (Estas Tonne, Netanel Goldberg and Joseph Pepe Danza). The incredibly amazing artists from different corners of the globe will join some of them as special guests.


€35 | enkel via deze link

limited number of seats, please bring your personal yoga mat or a pad for sitting, there's space to dance, move or walk around

opgelet : geen tickets te verkrijgen via Zuiderpershuis
ingang : Waalsekaai 14
Foyer : deuren 18u30



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